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Build Animal Vision Glasses
  • Build Animal Vision Glasses

    SKU: 037

    This scientific kit contains a pair of safety glasses. You will have to assemble a box in which you can insert different optical lenses and mirrors to change your field of vision.
    You will be able to experiment with the following visions:

    🐝 Insect vision (kaleidoscopic)
    🐌 Upward vision (eyes above their heads : ie snail)
    🦅 Downward vision (eagle)
    🐴 Side vision (horses)

    What will you learn?
    - The role of the brain in vision
    - Binocular vision: Why do we have two eyes?
    - The difference between prey and predator vision
    - How science is inspired by the animal world (biomimicry)

    What's inside the kit?
    Safety glasses, optical lenses, mirrors, screws, nuts, rubber bands, a brochure with illustrate

    Made in France

    Age 8+


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