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Glow in The Dark Constellations Poster
  • Glow in The Dark Constellations Poster

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    Here is a large poster to discover the constellations of the zodiac. You will discover that Leo, Aries or Pisces are hidden behind the constellations. Our poster will help you identify them!

    How does it work?
    Connect the dots with the white opaque marker provided in the kit.
    Glue the 154 glow-in-the-dark stickers.

    You get 2 posters:
    - One by day, with the constellations connected
    - But it's at night that the magic happens: the stickers light up and reconstitute the starry sky in your room.

    What will you learn?
    - The constellations of the zodiac
    - Find out which drawing is behind each constellation of the zodiac.

    What is in the kit?
    - a large poster of 40 x 60 cm (A2 size)
    - a beautiful white opaque marker (made in Japan)
    - a sheet of glow-in-the-dark stickers.
    - A booklet with instructions and drawings from which the constellations are formed.

    Made in France

    Age 6+


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