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Make a Handcrank Doorbell
  • Make a Handcrank Doorbell

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    This DIY kit will allow you to build a beautiful doorbell for your room. While building it, you will discover gear trains and basic mechanical principles like the friction effect. You will manipulate nuts, screws, washers, etc. Each step is clearly explained in the booklet. You will discover many kinds of gears and their function in the objects around us.

    How does it work?
    First, detach the gears from the wooden boards, then identify all the small parts and the screws. Once assembled, you can PAINT it to personalize it and nail it to your bedroom door (there are 4 holes on the corners for this purpose).

    What will you learn?
    - The different types of gears: gear trains, rack and pinion, circular, etc.
    - Ratios to calculate the speed at which gears turn
    - The friction effect, the crank

    What is in the kit?
    You will find wooden elements: three large wooden gears, a large board and small parts to assemble. There are also screws and nuts: nuts, screws, rings, washers, wing nuts

    Made in France

    Age 6+


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