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Make a Piggy Bank and become a math champion!
  • Make a Piggy Bank and become a math champion!

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    This STEM kit contains everything you need to build a fun and very useful piggy bank: you will learn how to keep track of your accounts, while doing maths!

    An innovative educational activity that will win over children and parents alike!

    How does it work?
    Start by assembling the wooden elements: everything is included in the kit, even the glue. You will find a jar of "Chalkboard paint" as well as a brush and rice paper tape. Apply the chalkboard paint to one side (or the whole piggy bank, you decide). Once the paint is dry, assemble the wooden pieces.

    Insert your pieces into the PLUS slot: then, using the chalk provided in the kit, you can keep track...right ON the piggy bank.

    We've added a roll of rice paper tape: to keep the edges clean. Apply the rice paper to the parts you want to leave natural wood. Paint the piece and then remove the tape once the paint has dried.

    What will you learn?
    A fun and clever activity to do maths in a practical way. Wood is 100% FSC.

    Made in France



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