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X-Ray Animals
  • X-Ray Animals

    SKU: 042

    5 cardboard animals whose skeletons are printed with invisible ink...and a magic lamp to reveal them!

    The X-Ray Animals are 3D paper toys but with a real originality: in the bag you will find 5 cardboard animals to assemble...and a little something that makes them quite unique!
    Thanks to the magic lamp included in the kit, you will have to light the animals to see their skeletons appear as if by magic under the X-rays.

    Slip into the shoes of an explorer and discover the wild animals and their impressive skeletons!

    How does it work?
    - Start by reading all the fun facts about each of the 5 cards
    - Detach the animals from their holders and assemble them
    - With the magic lamp included in the kit, light up the animals: what a surprise!
    Their skeletons - invisible to the naked eye - appear under the light of the lamp!

    What will you learn?
    Study the skeletons of wild animals and discover fun facts about them.

    What does the kit contain?
    The kit contains 5 animals to assemble + a magic

    Made in France

    Age 6+


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